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Love Among the Equations

NOTE: Four years ago on this date, the Time Lord and I officially tied the knot. I wrote the piece below last fall, as The Calculus Diaries was coming out, but it didn?t really seem to fit anywhere ?too ?math-y? for the mainstream, too intensely personal for your average science publication, and honestly, still kind of a work in progress. But in the spirit of the blog as ?writing lab,? it seems appropriate to post it here, on our fourth anniversary, as a way of saying thanks to the man who irrevocably changed my life ? for the better. Here?s to many more years to come.

Shortly after becoming engaged, my now-husband and I drove from a conference in San Francisco to our new home in Los Angeles via the scenic route along the Pacific Coast Highway. At sunset, we stopped briefly to refuel just north of Malibu and found ourselves admiring the brilliant orange, red, and purple hues stretching across the darkening horizon, savoring the peaceful sound of ocean waves lapping against the shore.

Against this idyllic Hallmark moment, Sean put his arms around me, pressed his cheek to mine, and gently whispered, ?Wouldn?t it be fascinating to take a Fourier transform of those waves??

A Fourier transform is a mathematical equation that takes a complex wave of any kind ? water, sound, light, even the gravitational waves that permeate the fabric of space time ? and breaks it down into its component parts to reveal the full spectrum of ?colors? that are otherwise hidden from human perception.

Another woman might have been taken aback by Sean injecting a bit of cold hard math into the warm hues of a romantic ocean sunset ? talk about over-analyzing the scene and spoiling the mood! Me? I found it charming, yet another intriguing color in the spectrum that makes up this multifaceted man with whom I have chosen to share my life.

My husband is a theoretical physicist. He spends his days pondering big questions about space, time, and the origins of the universe. It?s not just Fourier transforms that lurk in the nooks and crannies of our marriage. Our pillow talk includes animated discussions about Boltzmann brains, the rules of time travel, poker, phase transitions, and the possibility of a multiverse: the notion that there are an infinite number of universes out there, beyond our ken, perhaps containing carbon copies of ourselves ? the same, and yet somehow different.

I have issues with this concept, especially when I?m sleepy: all those universes filled with doppelgangers cluttering up the landscape just strikes me as crowded and untidy. But Sean wrestles with these questions all the time, and is adamant in his defense. ?It?s infinity,? he reassures me. ?It?s not like we?ll run out of room!? I guess the multiverse has unlimited storage space.

I wasn?t looking to fall in love, and never imagined I would be a wife. Years of failed relationships had convinced me that I had no gift for making love work. My romantic calculations seemed doomed to failure, always slightly off, never quite yielding the right combination, no matter how intricately I manipulated the numbers.

By the time Sean entered my orbit, my heart had been broken into little pieces and reassembled so many times, I was convinced the telltale cracks would never fully heal. I gave up on dating, buried myself in work and told myself it was better this way. I built a thick wall around my heart and guarded the perimeter zealously.

Love stole back into my life, ninja-like, while I was looking the other way. Sean is a scientist, and I am a science writer, but our day-to-day lives were like parallel lines that never met. Our paths didn?t cross until we discovered each other?s blogs online. We quickly formed an online friendship, both recognizing a kindred spirit across the vast expanse of Cyberspace. Two months and many emails later, we arranged to meet over dinner at a physics conference in Dallas.

Physicists are often unfairly characterized as absent-minded geniuses, socially inept, with zero fashion sense, a la Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.? It?s an exaggeration, but there is a tiny element of truth to that. So I was pleasantly surprised when a tall, lanky man with boyish good looks and an engaging smile appeared in the hotel bar, sporting jeans and a casual-yet-chic jacket. This was not your stereotypical physicist.

He ordered a martini. ?I?d like to taste the vermouth,? he instructed the bartender. (He is a man who takes his cocktails seriously.) We chatted about science, art, music, and books, with the odd foray into personal details and more philosophical musings. A first date is usually fraught with self-conscious anxiety, as each person strives to present only the most flattering colors in their personal spectrum ? preferably through a soft-focus lens. But we had an instant rapport, an easy familiarity from our electronic exchanges that translated effortlessly into ?meat space.? By the end of the evening, I was smitten, and happily, the feeling was mutual.

We defied the geographical distance, racking up countless frequent flyer miles. Six months after that first encounter, he proposed, and a year later, I found myself married and living in sunny southern California. I felt as if I?d stepped into an alternate universe where the calculations of love had finally worked out in my favor. I had become my own doppelganger.

With my new life came a new appreciation for the secret language of scientists: mathematics. Like many people, I had steadfastly avoided all things math since high school. My eyes glazed over at the merest glimpse of an equation. I was convinced it was irrelevant to my life ? or at the very least, unnecessary.

But now that life featured a man who left technical papers scattered about the house, filled with mysterious symbols that might encode the secrets of the universe. Our living room boasted a white board with a constantly changing parade of scrawled equations, and our groaning bookshelves now included massive tomes on quantum mechanics and general relativity.

The deep, technical aspects of his work was the one part of Sean?s life that was truly closed to me, although as someone who writes about physics for a living, I certainly grasped the basic concepts ? far more than the average non-physicist. But if I wanted to appreciate the full spectrum of the man I?d married, I would have to learn a little bit more of his language. So I resolved to overcome my longstanding kneejerk rejection of all things numerical and teach myself the basics of calculus.

Sean was patience personified during my quest, explaining basic concepts, leaving practice problems on our white board every morning for me to solve, and artfully dodging the occasional bit of metaphorical heaved crockery whenever I hit a frustrating obstacle (?Integrate that!?). The frustration was real: Our communication gap when it came to math was a yawning chasm at the outset. Often I didn?t even know how to phrase my questions in a way he could comprehend.

Slowly, surely, that gap began to close as he helped me see that equations were all around me. We found calculus in the rides at Disneyland, and the exquisite architecture of Antoni Gaudi. We went to Vegas, learned to shoot craps, and Sean tutored me in the calculus of probability (and a spot of game theory for good measure). Even our quest to buy a house became fodder for exploration.

It turns out that the world is filled with hidden connections, recurring patterns, and intricate details that can only be seen through math-colored glasses. Those abstract symbols hold meaning.? How could I ever have thought it was irrelevant?

This is what I have learned from loving a physicist. Real math isn?t some cold, dead set of rules to be memorized and blindly followed. The act of devising a calculus problem from your observations of the world around you ? and then solving it ? is as much a creative endeavor as writing a novel or composing a symphony. It isn?t easy, but there is genuine pleasure to be found in making the effort.

As with mathematics, so with love. There are no hard and fast rules to be blindly followed, no matter what the self-help gurus may tell you. Sometimes you just need to take a Fourier transform of yourself, shatter the walls and break everything down into the component parts. Once you?ve analyzed the full spectrum, you can rebuild, this time with just the right mix of ingredients that will enable you finally to combine your waveform with that of another person.

Does mathematically analyzing a sunset, or the ocean waves, make either any less romantic? Not to me. It only enhances my sense of wonder. When we listen to the rhythmic cycle of waves crashing on the shore, we can hear those waves because our brains break apart that signal to identify the basic ?ingredients.? And every time we gaze at a sunset ?a spectacular orange-red, or a soft pinkish glow?our brain has taken a Fourier transform so we can fully appreciate those hues.

I will never listen to ocean waves or view the setting sun in quite the same way again. I looked out over the water that evening and saw a picture-perfect ocean sunset, but there was so much more that I missed. Sean looked out onto the same scene and saw the rich complexity of nature expressed in mathematical symbols, the fundamental abstract order lying just beneath the surface. And through his eyes, I can now catch a glimpse of that hidden world ? proof that love can transform you just as surely as the Fourier equation transforms a seemingly simple ray of white light into shimmering technicolor.

Happy anniversary, Time Lord!


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Sirius Satellite Radio On Directv: Best Service At Your Doorstep ...

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Sirius Satellite Radio On Directv: Best Service At Your Doorstep!

While selecting best programs from Satellite TV you will land yourself in the midst of a deluge of providers that are thronging in the heartland of United States. And if you go for DirecTV you will find yourself to be floating in seventh heaven out of ecstasy and jubilation. Why? DirecTV, the premier Satellite TV provider of United States, has carved a space for bringing several innovations in the field of Satellite entertainment. Whether you are a movie buff or sports fanatics, you have something or the other to enjoy from DirecTV. And if you are an ardent lover of music you have more reason to stay tuned to DirecTV Satellite TV provider. Do you know that DirecTV offers Sirius satellite Radio so that you can pass out time in the sweetest and most melodious way? What do you think?

Go for Sirius Satellite Radio that DirecTV offers and explore the best of music which will regale your ears and make you feel happy and fresh. Not only music, if you tune in to this exclusive radio you can take a trip to all new world of radio entertainment as a whole. You may now beg to know about Sirius Satellite Radio service from DirecTV? According to the experts, Sirius Satellite Radio is the new avatar thereby bringing a sea change in the way people enjoy radio programs while they are on wheels and also when they are staying at home. It is rightly seen that there are certain benefits that you can grab from the service of DirecTV?s Sirius Satellite Radio.

First of all, it will give all the respite from listening to all the irritating commercials in between the shows! It is absolutely non-commercial. That means it is devoid of the involvement of the sponsors that often interrupt the good programming content and stuff. Plus, browsing and searching these channels also have become simpler. Just like any other TV channels you can simply click through the Sirius Satellite radio stations and it is so easy.

Music comes in varied forms and languages and if you have DirecTV?s Sirius Satellite Radio you have all the facility of listening to plentiful music programs and also special talk radio show on your television especially when you are not in the mood of watching great programming on television. You would never be without anything to listen to at Sirius satellite Radio and that is a warranty. Also, enjoying music in fully digitalized mode ensures not only excellent quality but also something more than that. You are also free from the hassles of setting up antennae or any other installation devices. Sounds great?

DirecTV overrides all its hardcore competitors in every aspect of quality entertainment. With all the services, especially the exclusive Sirius Satellite Radio, you will surely disagree to come to any kind of agreement with the other satellite TV providers of the industry. What you want to hear, DirecTV offers it for you at Sirius satellite Radio service.

DirecTV with its numerous programming packs have raised hype amongst the viewers. Hurry up and grab your DirecTV channels and also Sirius Radio Service that ensures best of Satellite TV radio programming.

Written by: Dan on September 29, 2011.

Posted by Dan on Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 10:54 pm?
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Your Particular Alternatives For A Natural Cure For Panic Attacks ...

Thankfully, you have a natural anxiety treatment disorders save for prescription drugs. Here is a list of natural anxiety treatment disorders:

1. Certain herbs

2. Tapping

3. Hypnosis

4. Desensitization

5. Cognitive behavior therapy

Herbs that can help sufferers are kava-kava, St. John?s Wort, passionflower, valerian, chamomile, California poppy, hops, lemon balm, lavender and catnip. These can be featured in pharmacies nonetheless it is viable to opt for them as prescribed by a qualified healthcare professional. It is because a lay person is new to specifics such as dosage.

These might be natural remedies but you will find negative effects to consuming them. To illustrate kava-kava is linked to hepatitis and cirrhosis that happen to be liver diseases. Some sufferers have even had liver transplants. Valerian nevertheless, may be addictive if inappropriate amounts are consumed. As you can tell, it?s not a very good idea to self medicate, specially if you are prone to be immoderate. And since you might be suffering from an melancholy, it probably could be possible that you happen to be immoderate. That is why it is advisable to consult an objective and qualified person to properly treat you.

Another natural anxiety treatment disorders is via tapping. This is certainly similar to spiritual or energy healing. The acupressure points are gently tapped within a particular order that can help the sufferer. Just like taking oral medication, this tapping could be done regularly joined treatment will never be all you actually need. More than taking oral medication however, it is best to relax as much as possible while in the technique of tapping. Relax both in the muscles as well as the mind as well as let the tapping work it out to suit your needs. Feel the stress melt away and believe that you might be treated while being tapped. Actually, one almost cannot help but leave it alone when the pressure points are being applied with pressure.

Hypnosis proves to be an efficient natural anxiety treatment disorders. You will know basically what hypnosis is so it is not hard to envision it as a considerate successful treatment for emotional disorders. Hypnosis might be effective when done appropriately. Do seek a knowledgeable specialist for a way this treatment is carried out. Some sufferers have reported to be totally cured of their anxiety disorders after undergoing hypnosis.

Desensitization ways that the sufferer is exposed to what exactly is feared in gradual quantities of time period. Gradually, one ceases to get sensitive to your very thing that is feared. This treatment is however, short term solution when the sufferer may find new issues to be afraid of, or old ones may even relapse. Granted, this becoming natural remedy, may be worth a shot, specially if all else fails.

Finally, there is cognitive behavior therapy which alters the sufferer?s perspective on anxiety triggers and thereby, altering the sufferer?s reaction to anxiety attacks. It may not see employment with all but for the individuals who find this effective, reports of relapse are low.

The above are some natural anxiety treatment disorders. You will need a very good professional to debate with on which is the appropriate treatment to suit your needs, assuming you might be opting for a natural remedy. Whichever is one to suit your needs, healing will take place gradually depending not only around the right treatment to suit your needs, but in your vehicle too.

The better motivated you?re the better chances of healing for you personally. In case you are motivated, you try to design favorable conditions for your healing if it affects. In particular, you?ll try to cut down on stress, gradually in lieu of under no circumstances. Manage the physical body well by getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and becoming adequate exercise. Perhaps you may consider enrolling yourself into yoga or meditation, according to your preferences. These are all tactics to relax yourself. Also, it is necessary to have short but frequent breaks, breaks that may freshen you a touch rather than give you more stress.

Naturally, cut down on coffee and alcohol. Strapped up, including smoking, gradually inside of a pace which suits you. If this seems like plenty to perform, you do not need really have to accomplish every one of them at once. Indeed, follow your individual unique timing and have a step at any given time. The point is to get you relaxed, not stressed up.


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AP Exclusive: US fugitive hid in Portugal hamlet (AP)

ALMOCAGEME, Portugal ? He lived the sweet life for decades. But nobody knew he was on the run. After breaking out of a New Jersey prison 41 years ago, George Wright settled in a picturesque seaside town in Portugal.

He married a local woman, raised two children and grew old in a pretty house on a cobbled street near a stunning beach. Locals knew him as Jorge Santos, a friendly man from Africa who did odd jobs and spoke fluent Portuguese.

He kept his true identity secret: convicted murderer, prison escapee and accused hijacker.

Wright's decades-long flight from justice ended when the 68-year-old American was taken into custody by local police Monday at the request of the U.S. government. On Tuesday, he appeared before a judge in Lisbon, the capital, for an initial extradition hearing.

Residents of this charming coastal town were coming to terms Wednesday with the fact that a man they knew and liked had been living a lie.

"I never imagined George was in trouble," gas station attendant Ricardo Salvador said.

Most assumed Wright was African, not American. His Portuguese identity card said he was born in Guinea-Bissau, a former Portuguese colony in West Africa. A photocopy, shown to The Associated Press, bore the name Jose Luis Jorge dos Santos, an alias U.S. officials said Wright used. It was issued in 1993 and expired in 2004.

Salvador and other residents said Wright had business cards that gave his first name as Jorge or George, and many called him by the latter.

"He was a very nice guy," Salvador said as he took a break from pumping gas on a sunny autumn day in Almocageme, 28 miles (45 kilometers) west of Lisbon. "He used to wave as he drove past and I'd shout out, 'Hey, George!'"

In his younger years, Wright was a darker character.

He was convicted of the 1962 murder of gas station owner Walter Patterson, a decorated World War II veteran shot during a robbery at his business in Wall, New Jersey.

Eight years into his 15- to 30-year prison term, Wright and three other men escaped from the Bayside State Prison in Leesburg, New Jersey, on Aug. 19, 1970.

While on the run, the FBI said Wright joined an underground militant group, the Black Liberation Army, and lived in a communal family with several of its members in Detroit.

In 1972, Wright ? dressed as a priest and using an alias ? is accused of hijacking a Delta flight from Detroit to Miami along with four other Black Liberation Army members and three children, including Wright's companion and their 2-year-old daughter.

His capture drew reactions on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ann Patterson, daughter of the murdered New Jersey gas station owner, told the AP she wants Wright sent back quickly. "I'm so thankful that now there's justice for Daddy," she said. "He never got any kind of justice."

Rui Santos, who works at the Almocageme village council, said he was "stunned" by the news. "I'd never have thought it possible," he said outside a newsstand.

He said Wright approached him in the mid-1990s and offered to coach local kids at basketball, though the project never got off the ground.

Until his arrest, life was quiet for Wright in this hamlet of a few hundred residents, where neighbors said he lived for at least 20 years. Speaking Portuguese with a slight foreign accent, he worked at a series of odd jobs, most recently as a nightclub bouncer, said two neighbors who spoke on condition of anonymity because they feared being stigmatized for speaking out.

Wright also once had a stall at the beach and ran a barbecue chicken restaurant.

He married a Portuguese woman, identified by neighbors as 55-year-old Maria do Rosario Valente, the daughter of a retired Portuguese army officer. They had two children ? Marco and Sara, now in their early 20s ? who used their mother's last name when they registered for swim classes at the local pool.

The family lived in a neat whitewashed house with terra cotta roof tiles, a yellow door and a small front garden. At the front gate, a black mailbox in the shape of a barn carried the words "U.S. Mail." A gray VW Passat station wagon that neighbors said Wright drove was parked on the narrow dead-end street.

A woman who answered the door confirmed she was Maria do Rosario Valente and said she had no comment about the arrest.

About a mile (1.6 kilometers) away was the breathtaking Praia da Adraga beach, a sandy cove surrounded by steep rocky hillsides that has a natural rock tunnel where ocean waves blast through.

A fingerprint contained on Wright's Portuguese ID card as required by law was the break that led a U.S. fugitive task force to him, according to U.S. authorities.

Wright's capture was among the top priorities when the New York-New Jersey Fugitive Task Force was formed in 2002, according to Michael Schroeder, a spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service, who worked with New Jersey's FBI and other agencies on the case.

"They have a national ID registry," Schroeder said of Portugal. "They pulled that. That confirmed his print matched the prints with the (Department of Corrections in New Jersey). The sketch matched the picture on his ID card."

Schroeder said the task force had been aware for at least several months of the possibility that Wright could be in Portugal. "Once the investigative group had a strong belief that George Wright might be in Portugal, we proceeded to take the next steps immediately. But those steps take time," Ward said.

Wright was being detained in Lisbon while the extradition process continued, but Portuguese police refused to release any details about the case.

U.S. Justice Department spokeswoman Laura Sweeney said she couldn't speculate on how long extradition might take.

Back in 1972, Wright and his alleged accomplices released the hijacked plane's 86 passengers in exchange for a $1 million (euro730,000 million) ransom ? delivered by an FBI agent wearing only swim trunks as ordered by the hijackers. They then forced the plane to fly to Boston, where an international navigator was taken aboard, and the plane was flown to Algeria.

The group was taken in by American activist and writer Eldridge Cleaver, who had been permitted by Algeria's socialist government to open a Black Panther Movement office in 1970. The Algerian president then professed sympathy for what he saw as worldwide liberation struggles.

At the request of the U.S. government, Algerian authorities returned the plane and the ransom to the United States. They briefly detained the hijackers before allowing them to stay. But their movements were restricted and the Algerian president ignored their requests for asylum.

Wright and the others left Algeria in late 1972 or early 1973 and settled in France, said Mikhael Ganouna, producer of a 2010 documentary about the hijacking, "Nobody Knows my Name."

Wright left the group after breaking up with a girlfriend, and no one knew where he went, Ganouna said.

Wright's associates were all eventually tracked down, arrested and tried. They were convicted in Paris in 1976, but the French government refused to extradite them to the U.S., where they would have faced longer sentences.

One of them, George Brown, lives in Paris but isn't worried about being extradited because he has already served his sentence, Ganouna said.

Over the years, the New Jersey Department of Corrections task force on fugitives reviewed reports from the 1970s, interviewed Wright's victims and the pilots of the hijacked plane, had age-enhanced sketches made of the fugitive and tracked any possible links to his family in the U.S.

An address in Portugal was one of several leads they wanted to check, but Schroeder said there was nothing special about it.

"It was another box to get checked, so to speak," he said.

That changed last week when details started falling into place with the help of Portuguese authorities.

By the weekend, U.S. authorities were on a plane to Portugal. On Monday, Portuguese police took Wright into custody.

William May, the pilot of the Detroit-Miami flight hijacked in 1972, said Wright was the group's leader.

"It's been 40 years," May said. "I'm surprised there was even any interest in finding him still."


Alan Clendenning in Madrid, Jamey Keaton in Paris, Wayne Parry in Howell, New Jersey; Samantha Henry in Newark, New Jersey; Geoff Mulvihill in Trenton, New Jersey; Tom Breen in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Karen Zraick, Rhonda Shafner, Barbara Sambriski and Judith Ausuebel in New York contributed to this report.


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A Board Certified Surgeon offers the Best Botox Treatment | Free ...

Botox injections have become popular cosmetic procedures in the United Sates. For those who want to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead and face without going through an invasive surgery, Botox is the most effective remedy. It must be remembered that an experienced Board certified surgeon is the best person to provide the right dosage of Botox to a candidate. Dr. George Pope, the chief surgeon at Orlando Plastic Surgery Center has an experience of more than 20 years in the domain of plastic and cosmetic surgeries. He has helped several patients through Botox treatments.

Botox is basically derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The cosmetic doses are prepared by diluting the toxin. Botox injections are not only used for cosmetic reasons but also to treat eyelid spasms, eye muscle spasms, severe neck muscle spasms, excessive underarm sweating and migraine headaches.

Dr. George Pope treats all his patients with utmost care and ensures that the typical phobia of injections does not cause anxiety to them. There is some pain caused by Botox injections but the use of very fine needles ensures that the patient does not feel it severely. Indeed this is exactly where the skill of a plastic surgeon is proved. Dr. George Pope has been voted the best plastic surgeon in Florida due to his proficient ways of handling different cases. It may be a Botox injection or more invasive eye lid surgery, rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic treatment, he ensures that it is done in the most professional and gentle manner.

Botox is injected into the muscles that cause wrinkles or furrows. Normally, several injections need to be given to ensure the best results. For most patients, the complete process takes about 30 minutes. The patient must avoid moving the treated muscles for the first few hours and should ideally take bed rest to relax for sometime. The results of a Botox treatment become visible in a week or less.

Wrinkles on the forehead, around the nose and lips can be eliminated through Botox doses. Dr. George Pope has given life changing experiences to many of his patients who availed the treatment at Orlando Plastic Surgery Center. The center has state-of-the-art facilities for the comfort of patients and the environment is conducive to cosmetic surgery treatments in a relaxed state. Contact Dr. George Pope for any cosmetic surgery procedures that you might be considering.


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SEO and Internet Marketing for Travel and Tourism companies-A ...

In 2010 World Tourism Organization (a United Nations governing body for Tourism) estimated that global tourism is an US Dollar 919 billion industry. Take a look at the World tourist arrival rankings developed by the organization :- France is the most visited country, United States stands second and China enjoys third position.

Internet marketing for travel and tourism companies

Now we know tourism as an industry is almost worth 1000 billion USD. This article focuses on explaining Internet marketing techniques that can be used by Travel companies, Tour operators, Ministry of tourism of various countries and states, Leisure/Entertainment business owners who depend on tourism, Hotels, Resorts/Home stays and other businesses whose bread and butter depends tourism.

The basic goal behind any Online marketing campaign is to get more leads to your business using various online marketing techniques.Let?s take a look at these one by one.

How Tour planning companies and Travel agents use Internet marketing?

A well designed and useful website is the first key step behind every successful online marketing campaigns. ?Travel agents and Tour operators use techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertisements, Creating high quality content using blogs, Offering great customer service through Live chat facility and Toll free number and above all by developing a highly useful and well designed website.

Search Engine Optimisation:

If you are hearing this word Search Engine Optimisation or its abbreviation SEO for the first time, please take time to read our articles that explain this online marketing technique.

1. What is SEO and Why is it important

Travel agents and Tour planning companies operate in a number of ways. Some companies will be operating internationally, while some others confine themselves to a single nation, and there are agents who operate only on a smaller state or a particular region alone. SEO strategy for the company website should be formed based on operating locations.

IrisHolidays can be taken as a case study for Search Engine Optimisation, marketing through use of blogging and a really good website design. ?Speaking more about Iris, they are a Tour planning company based in South India; to be precise Kerala. ?Their key?specialty and highlight is their design. They have designed it with ?Conversion Rate? in mind. Design is simple, elegant, uses modern style and is rich with content. It educates the user/visitor about their tour plans and pricing. For more they have?categorized?their various plans and arranged??them in a well manner.

Now we know they have satisfied the basic need of a great website. Let?s look into their SEO strategy now. Keywords are the heart of Search Engine Optimisation. Success of an SEO campaign depends highly on the selection of keywords. Irisholidays has optimised their website for some targeted keywords like ?Honeymoon travel packages? , ?Kerala Ayurveda Packages? , ?Munnar honeymoon packages? , ?Honeymoon tour packages? etc. Analysing all keyword combinations used by Irisholidays is beyond the scope of this article. Using Google keyword tool we can calculate the rough estimate of search volumes for these keywords. It shows 1000+ searches happen a month in Google for keyword ?Honeymoon tour packages?, where as nearly 500 searches happen every month in Google using keyword ?Honeymoon travel packages?. Irisholidays uses Search Engine Optimisation to rank high in Google for these search phrases. People who search Google with these terms might be some one looking to hire a tour operator or to buy service of a tour planning company. Companies who rank high in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for such related keywords takes advantage of this and increases their business.

GoldenTours is another tour company that utilizes SEO to get more business. They are based in London, United Kingdom. Similarly you can find many more companies by refining your search phrases in Google like ?Washington DC Tour Operators? , ?Chicago Tour companies?, ?Paris tour companies?, ?Travel management companies in Spain? etc. Millions of keyword combinations are possible theoretically. You just have to limit it your areas of interest.

Let?s come back to Irisholidays, our case study. ?They have a separate Content Management System setup for listing all Hotels and Resorts in Kerala. ?They serve articles about each hotel separately describing facilities provided, their special cuisines, photographs of exterior and interior, near by locations to see and other useful?information?for tourists. They offer this as a value added service to everyone who visits their home page and to their customers. The visitor who comes to Iris home page need not go to any other websites to checkout various hotels and?accommodation?facilities available. He/She can get all the information from the Iris website itself. Another advantage is Search Engine Optimisation and traffic from search engines. Since they provide lengthy,descriptive articles about each and every hotel, Irisholidays will get listed in Google for searches related to hotels (eg: ?Hotels in Kerala?, )and searches that happen with individual hotel names (eg: ?Leela beach resort kovalam?, ?Greenwood resort Thekkady?, ?The Taj Hotel Cochin?). This is an added benefit which brings more visitors to Iris website. If 100 people comes through this path and if 1 or 2 buys their service or recommends their service, it?s a success for them.

Next is marketing using blog and useful contents. Iris is doing this in an effective way. Just take a look at their blog, they update frequently with great articles. An example:- 10 things a tourist can do in Kerala only!?Similar and other types of useful articles are published in their blog which adds value to all it?s visitors and customers. Great and really useful articles will get shared in Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Above listed article is shared more than 50 times. Additionally various travel bloggers and writers will mention such useful blog posts in their writings. Referral traffic to Iris home page is just one side of many benefits. All these blog articles will get listed in Search engines, highly useful ones will be mentioned in Social medias, Travel websites and magazines. So this way Iris is opening up their chances of getting more and more leads online which they later can?up sell.

Another point to notify in this case study is their?personalized?testimonials page with photographs and descriptive tour details. They collect testimonials from their guests and publish one best testimonial every month. They personalize testimonials with photographs and details so that new visitors will feel Iris as an authentic tour company. Personalized testimonials also give a comfortable feeling to new visitors. For more Iris has arranged it in a cool and friendly manner.

The last thing to notice in this case study is Iris?s customer service facilities. They provide all sorts of communication facilities ranging from phone, email and Live chat.

I just took Iris as a case study, there are a handful of other similar companies who gets Online marketing well. On the other hand there are plenty of companies who has never used online marketing in a proper way. They are loosing potential customers. I wrote this article as a guidance for other tour companies and business who depend on tourism. The above case study can be used to frame your online marketing strategies.

Now lets go to websites of Ministry of tourism and examine how they are marketing their country and tourist destinations.

A classic example is Singapore Tourism website maintained by Singapore tourism board. They have developed a really useful website with great information. Website design and architecture itself is an experience, just like their country Singapore. Kerala Tourism is another example which provides helpful information to all it?s guests. But their navigation is not so user friendly.

Pay per click advertisements is another technique used by various travel companies and official tourism websites of the destination. These are advertisements listed in search engines and other websites for related keywords as shown above. Website owner has to pay per every click he?receives?on his ad. Each click on the ad will take user to owners website or a page in his website.


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Cowboys Beat Redskins, Tony Romo, Dan Bailey Lead Dallas Over Washington

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Tony Romo's ribs held up just fine. So did Dan Bailey's leg.

Romo persevered through pain to lead enough deep drives to set up Bailey for six field goals, including a 40-yarder with 1:57 left to give the Cowboys an 18-16 victory over the Washington Redskins on Monday night.

Redskins Cowboys Football


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) acknowledges cheers from fans as he walks off the field following their NFL football game against the Washington Redskins, Monday, Sept. 26, 2011, in Arlington, Texas. The Cowboys won 18-16. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)


RATE IT! ??|??


Redskins Cowboys Football

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) acknowledges cheers from fans as he walks off the field following their NFL football game against the Washington Redskins, Monday, Sept. 26, 2011, in Arlington, Texas. The Cowboys won 18-16. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)



Dallas' Anthony Spencer chopped the ball from Washington's Rex Grossman with 28 seconds left, and linebacker Sean Lee recovered it, setting off a celebration inside Cowboys Stadium.

Dallas coach Jason Garrett dropped to a knee and pumped his fist wildly at being 2-1 ? guaranteeing no repeat of last year's miserable 1-7 start. The Cowboys are even tied for first place in the NFC East, along with Washington (2-1), which was seeking its first 3-0 start since 2005.

"This was a great win for us," said Romo, who was 22 of 36 for 255 yards. "It was a hard, hard game. ... We had a million mistakes tonight. We have a lot of young guys, but they were out there for a reason. We'll get it right."

Romo lacked zip and accuracy much of the game, and he had trouble with four snaps from his new center. But he was at his best with the game on the line.

He hit Laurent Robinson for a 25-yard gain to set up Bailey's fifth field goal. He then set up the winner on third-and-21 with a scrambling 30-yarder to Dez Bryant that happened to come against cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who last week said he was hoping "to put my helmet on whatever's hurt."

The Romo-Bailey combination has worked like a charm for two straight games. Against San Francisco a week ago Sunday, Bailey made a tying field goal at the end of regulation, then the winner in overtime.

Bailey is an undrafted rookie who was named the nation's top kicker in college last season, at Oklahoma State. His other kicks Monday night covered 41 (twice), 32, 27 and 23 yards.

The big story, though, was Romo and the other Dallas players who played through pain, such as Bryant, who missed the previous game with a thigh injury, and Felix Jones, who separated a shoulder against the 49ers but ran for a career-high 115 yards and caught three passes for 40 more.

Romo was was sacked once and threw an interception that was more like a punt on a play foiled by one of several bad snaps from Phil Costa. Two shot toward Romo when he wasn't ready for them, two others were quite off-target.

"We're going to get that fixed," Romo said. "It can't happen."

Grossman kept Washington playing with a lead for much of the game, but couldn't put it away.

He was 22 of 37 for 250 yards with a 1-yard touchdown pass to Tim Hightower. He was sacked three times, and threw an interception.

Most of the Redskins' points came from Graham Gano, who made field goals of 50, 46 and 27 yards. Another was blocked after a poor hold.

'; var coords = [-5, -72]; // display fb-bubble FloatingPrompt.embed(this, html, undefined, 'top', {fp_intersects:1, timeout_remove:2000,ignore_arrow: true, width:236, add_xy:coords, class_name: 'clear-overlay'}); });


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Monday, 26 September 2011

Physical fitness By means of Cycling | Topics Info | Recreation and ...

Most Gifted in Cycling Equipment

Visiting a cycling shop to purchase a bicycle, or joining the local cycling club may be your first step toward fitness through cycling. The advantages of cycling as an exercise medium of choice include the low level of impact cycling has upon your knees, as well as the enjoyment that one gets out of it. Indeed cycling is unique as a sport in that it takes you out into the countryside and allows you to step outside of your busy schedule to enjoy the scenery of your area, all the while giving you an excellent workout.

Obviously cycling is possible while using faith regarding successful the actual Tour de Portugal, or perhaps to relish a Weekend morning rewrite close to your selected cycling option. Coaching along with equipment for cycling as a result of course vary relating for a personal wants. Above all you need to use a great cycling motorcycle helmet, submission keeping the car safe standards along with equipped properly for a go. Subsequent a pair of cycling bermuda will give you several pleasant alleviation more than a trip longer in which a quarter-hour roughly.
Bicycling Coaching
Talk to your medical doctor before beginning just about any exercise regime. Once you are absolutely clear on your quality of life along with potential it is useful to put out and about a workout timetable. For novices, or those who find themselves looking more to merely trip for entertainment, it may be a bit of a turn-off to always abide by an agenda. In cases like this it might be safer to just trip when you want to, although it a very good idea to help keep a record of exactly what range along with time spent about every single day out. This may enable you to monitor how well you?re progressing, because you will inevitably wind up riding more range, along with masking that quicker.
Should you be looking to be able to steadily create the health and fitness, it really is advised by many people coaches to be effective inside 4 week cycles. For the 1st 3 weeks you are doing a little more weekly, plus the fourth week you are doing considerably much less so that you can recover. When beginning the 2nd Several week never-ending cycle, begin with a amount of work approximately similar to that relating to the previous cycle?s next week. In this way an individual increase the instruction right up until it really is at a degree that is adequate for having this objectives you add oneself. Congratulations, you should maintain your instruction, bear in mind chill out properly so they won?t burn out one?s body.
Usually do not are not able to supply one?s body, you?ll use a lot of vitality on your own instruction trip, that is very best restored in a hours once you full the instruction. Should you be looking to be able to shed weight, after that consume a bit below that which you burnt away, yet this is best done while using assistance of a coach, which will be reviewed under.
Discovering time for it to prepare can be hard if you are operating, a lot of people enhance his or her weekend break riding along with inside cycling times. These can be achieved in your house with an inside coach or you?ll check out a fitness center having a rotating facilities. Extreme perform is possible in a very short amount of time with an inside coach, while longer strength voyages can very best be achieved over the past weekend.


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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Detach From An Alcoholic Spouse, Health & Fitness

Former first lady of Maine honored for efforts to keep children ... - Bangor Daily News

... has been honored by the Leadership To Keep Children Alcohol Free Foundation ... Film Food Health Music ... for governors? spouses and focuses ...

Is it Love or Addiction? - Metapsychology

Sign up for our Mental Health ... That's a Good Sign Early Childhood Might Affect Love Life in Adult Alcohol Use ... My husband has admitted he is an ...

For Better Or For Worse? How Your Spouse Impacts Your Diet -

They considered the role that spouses, ... in the American Journal of Public Health, ... when it came to regular consumption of alcohol and ...

Eating Styles Rub Off on Family and Friends - WebMD

Those who fell in the "alcohol and snacks" group ... and UC San Francisco Center for Health and Community. Spouses were more likely ... Food & Fitness Planner. Today in ...

In Michigan, a shocking car bombing, an unclear motive - Lansing State Journal

Health & Fitness Celebrations ... it's a really horrific crime," said Special Agent Donald Dawkins of the Bureau of Alcohol, ... spouses whose personal lives are ...

Melanie Griffith admits addictions hard on Antonio Banderas - CTV

Health. MedNews Express ... and while she insists her spouse - with whom she has 14-year-old daughter Stella ... but if you're not an alcoholic or drug addict, ...

2011 Family Dinners Report Finds: Teens Who Have Infrequent Family ... - Arlington Heights Daily Herald

Health & Fitness; Home & Garden; Movies ... Teens Likelier to Have Access to Alcohol, ... CASA Columbia's Founder and Chairman and former U.S. Secretary of Health, ...

Predicting Sexual Function After Prostate Cancer Treatment Has ... - Medical News Today

Sports Medicine / Fitness; ... that affect a man's sexual health post prostate ... to optimize outcome after treatment for him and his spouse, ...

Do You Love a Narcissist? - Metapsychology

Sign up for our Mental Health ... That's a Good Sign Early Childhood Might Affect Love Life in Adult Alcohol Use ... My husband has admitted he is an ...

People notice when we speak with our eyes - Las Vegas Review Journal

Dapper man seems superior to spouse, ... Steven Kalas is a behavioral health consultant and counselor at Las Vegas Psychiatry and the ... Health and Fitness: ...


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Amenities ? Focus on Vanity Kit

When a tired, weary travelers at their hotel or Bed and Breakfast (B & B) is for the evening, are ready to relax. One of the first things to make the host is not "cool" and then one of the easiest ways for a hotel or B & B is a good first impression is to offer a wide range of quality hotels.

There is no doubt that a visitor shampoo to find conditioner, lotion and soap in the bathroom there, but in many hotels and B & expectedB, offer additional ancillary items upon arrival to make their guests feel more at home.

Provide guests with a set of Vanity is a great way to add value and reputation in the area and provides added comfort for the traveler with one hand, this certainly fallen. Vary the content of a vanity kit, but can be a nail care kit, cotton swabs, cotton wool and nail files are. This small additional objects are usually something that the traveler had not thought to bring, butonce gone missing from home.

Many hotels and B & B are very loyal to wear a kit brand of services, and since not all lines of a vanity, often choose not to provide one. But the use of a non-branded kit Vanity ? usually found in a bag or white box to each line of furniture and services.

However, if a Bed and Breakfast willing to change the lines of hotel services, following the institution of a kit of Vanity: feeding,ProTerra, ProTerra Marine, and Lord and Mayfair. Each of these lines offer the full range ? shampoo, conditioner, cream, shower gel, soap and a range of complementary products. One of these lines may be good for a B & B tries to make a switch so that they can offer several types of related products.


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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Listen: Real Estate - &#39;Green Aisles&#39; by The 405 | The 405

If there's a better track to signify the end of Summer than this latest jam by Real Estate, then we'd love to hear it.

The track is called 'Green Aisles' and is taken from their forthcoming album, Days, which is released through Domino in October.

Consider our interest in the album about five notches higher.


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2011 Beijing Design Week:Chinese design industry going ...

Beijing Design Week

When talking about design, people may come up with images from household items we use everyday to giant buildings standing as landmarks in the city. Yes, design is everywhere in our life. Modern designers are like magicians who are making our life full of surprises and ideas. With the rapid development of economy and advances of technology, modern society is seeing more and more great designs. Beijing, one of the oldest cities in the world, has already seen more and more modern constructions rising up in recent years from the Bird Nest and Water Cube constructed for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to the new China Central Television Headquarters which has attracted attention as much as controversy.

Next week the 2011 Beijing Design Week & the First Beijing International Design Triennial is going to open. With Chinese design rising as a new power on the world?s stage, more international attention has been focused on the capital of China. Set against a backdrop of a rapidly growing modern city, the event is going to be a global summit on design with top designers from all over the world. The activities during the event will cover the whole landscape of Beijing including cultural hotspots both new and old. Artists from different backgrounds will bring their designs which can be applied in various aspects of life, while audience can have a taste of different modern styles in the ancient city of Beijing.

Beijing International Design Triennial

Turning ?back to history

As one of the earliest civilizations in the world, China inevitably has a history of design that dates back early. Early design has had a close relationship with the country?s agriculture, handicrafts and industry, which was mostly for an empirical end. The design industry, as it still does today, has much to do with culture, society and economy, which has been a reflection of the trajectory of the Chinese society.

The earliest designs in Chinese society in primitive times were stoneware, pottery, textiles, etc.China has thus developed superb technique in making such items. Certain craftsmanship is still much hailed today. The designs from this period, as well as a long time following this, were for practical household usage. It was not until the later prosperous dynasties that design went beyond practical tools and started to boom. These included sophisticated patterns on clothes and exquisite ceramics.

Today, as globalization goes further, international ideas have permeated Chinese design while it inherits cultural traditions. With economy increasing and society advancing, design as an industry is rapidly gaining a stronger influence in modern China. China?s design industry is developing rapidly and covers a wide range of aspects and the country is seeing a lot of talented designers.

Chinese faces in an international event

For the country?s first international-level design event,China has invited an international team made up of top curators and designers from across the world to come to Beijing. The Beijing Design Week has not only invited the chairmen of renowned design weeks/festivals including London, Milan, Berlin, Helsinki and Seoul, but also established a counseling panel mixed with international faces. As for the first Beijing International Design Triennial, there will be a collaboration of Chinese and foreign curators for each of the five sub-exhibitions.

Zhang Yonghe (???)

Among all the international figures on the counseling panel, architect Zhang Yonghe (???) is one of the three Chinese consultants. Zhang Yonghe (???), who has participated in the design for the famous Commune by the Great Wall, is the principle architect of Atelier Feichang Jianzhu. He has participated in many international exhibitions of art and architecture, including five times in the Venice Biennale since 2000.

He is also the winner of several international architecture awards. With his contribution, Zhang received the ?Culture China?Figures in a Decade? award in June 2011. The award, which was initiated by Dongfang Daily (????), was aimed at honoring leading figures from different fields of contemporary Chinese culture including music, art, literature, movie, news, architecture etc. Zhang said receiving the award, ?Because architecture has more or less something to do with culture and life itself is about culture, so they are not unrelated.?

Zhang is also nominated for the Design Education Award.

Ou Ning (??)

Nominated for the Design Promotion Award, Ou Ning (??) is a publisher and a graphic designer, whose exhibitions have hit worldwide galleries. He has a wide influence both inside and outside China. He has established Chutzpah (???in Chinese), a new literary magazine?in 2011 and proposed the ?Bishan Community Project? (???????) specifically designed for rural area. He was also the curator of the first 2011 Chengdu Biennial. He has significant contribution in expanding the scope of design in a traditional sense and promoting application and development in several new areas.

Ou?s works has been exhibited in different places in the world and his projects have attracted an international attention. One of his famous projects is the Da Zha Lan Project (?????).This project is about researching and filming the area of Da Zha Lan (???), which is a slum inBeijing. The Da Zha Lan Project is an extension of San Yuan Li (the village-in-city inGuangzhou), a project that was featured in the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003. Together with an upcoming project about Caoyang Xincun in Putuo District in Shanghai (a workers? community in Shanghai, 2006), it will make up a series of research and creative practice concerning urbanization and impoverished communities in cities in China. The project has been to various exhibitions across the world and caught much attention.

Ou loves writing as well, whose blog has been chosen by as the most popular Chinese blog on art design and urban study for three years in a row. He has been to various seminars and lectures around the world. He established the independent music group Xin Qun Zhong (new people) and the independent movie group Yuan Ying Hui (fate movie society).

The Beijing Design Week

A map of the Designhop

The First Beijing International Design Triennial (BIDT) is an important part of the design event. The general theme of the first BIDT is Ren: Good Design (???????). ?Ren? is one of the most important concepts in Chinese tradition which could also perfectly convey the spirit of ?Good Design?. The exhibition will focus on living-friendly designs in life. A wide range of categories will be covered including product design, industrial design, dyeing clothes design, graphic design, interior and architectural design and traditional crafts such as ceramics, glass, bamboo furniture, etc.

During the Week, there will be a series of exhibitions, seminars and projects happening all around Beijing. They will cover 90 places on the map of Beijing including creative parks, exhibition venues, department stores, communities, parks, etc. The Design Week happens to?coincide?with this year?s Chinese National Holiday. It is a great opportunity for local residents and travelers to get to know design more closely. With London being this year?s Guest City of Honor, there will be a series of activities under the theme of?London?Beijing Design Express? in areas such as?China Millennium Monument, Da Shilan, 751 Design Park, etc.

There will also be ?competition among outstanding designs, individuals and organization during the Week. The award is set up to select designs, individuals and organizations who have contributed to the social, cultural, industrial development and urban construction of the capital. It will come in four categories: the Design Beijing Award, the Design Education Award, the Design Communication Award and the Design Promotion Award.


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Friday, 23 September 2011

Crime and Corruption- a Part of Daily Society News | The A2Z ...

Crime and Corruption- a Part of Daily Society News


Crime and Corruption is becoming a society accepted norm if it is left unchecked. The general people need to be on a high alert now, if they want to gift a safe future to the coming generation. We need to alter society?s view towards corruption and have to work hard to instill these principles in back of their minds. Together, all of us have to do something constructive about putting a stop to all these criminal activities.

Corruption is the misuse of power or the authority given to a person. Corruption has become a part of official activities now-a-days and is being practiced at its seedbeds in public, private and institutional sectors to undertake financial gains. Corruption with all its several branches such as bribery, embezzlement, theft, extortion and intimidation are being practiced openly in India?s several urban and rural areas.


Funds and monetary resources are reversed back from poor and needy into the hands of powerful and dominant individuals in the society. All this is visible to the Indian population there but then need simply falls out of equation and greed loom over. Crime and corruption is a hindrance to the economic and social development of India?s economy and affects adversely on poor.

The question here arises, what is the importance of human rights, best law facilities and finest enforcements available in the country minus the support and development of community. We can relive the country from all the plague of corruption and crime only with the consistent support of Indian population. Concluding all this, it is to be informed that crime is real and is a part of industrially sophisticated economy.



For more information you can log on to

Offering latest and robust news, provides the recent news from the field of business, stocks, economy, lifestyle, entertainment and many more. With the nationwide news collecting abilities, effective journalistic talent and nose for news, we endeavor to provide our readers the news first and directly from the ground. Globalization has led our news networks to add immense value in our news and offer the best and the latest opinions of people from all across the globe.


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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Draw Website In Googles Prime ... - Your Online Product Launch

Get Your web page Into Googles Top Listings ? and Watch Your pay Skyrocket

One of the very coveted positions online is really a top 10 search rating by Google. Which means your web site shall be shown on Googles top listings. Unfortunately, Google keeps the algorithms it uses to determine web ranking a heavily guarded secret. However, there are a few methodologies which are attention to work reasonably well. Naturally, these algorithms are changed on a consistent basis making sure that seo companies have a difficult time in determining what they re.

Having your website listed on Googles top listings can bring you incredible quantities of free site visitors and may have got a significant effect in your business and be extremely profitable. Most seo experts agree which the amount of backlinks pointing to your internet site is a crucial criterion to take into account your web site?s importance relative to other websites. The longer important your internet site, the upper your blog post will rank when people do searches.

A simple way to generate backlinks is with article promotion. The perfect technique to generate those coveted backlinks should be to submit your articles to plenty of article publication sites. This can be a very troublesome and time-consuming task of course if you do it flying solo. Still the job may well be handled inside of a relatively short time when you?ve got a good automatic article submitting program. For anybody who is focused on training your site to point out high on Googles top listings, you will need such a automatic submission programs.

Another method to get good search engine optimization rankings is by submitting your web page to hundreds of web directories, both paid and free. This may increasingly even be an exceptionally time consuming process. However, to effectively improve the method, you may utilize a paid service to do the duty for you personally. There are several companies that may take care of this for you.

Using these two methodologies can cause 1000s of links pointing to your site or blog. Keeping this amount of links, you might be virtually assured actually being on Google?s first page. So why not get busy and begin submitting.

But the best way to take your website listed on Googles top listings will be to posses expert do it right. Repeatedly, it?s a lot cheaper than you think and may get you to loads of money and produce you an unbelievable number of search traffic in your website. So, Jump on Googles top listings and catapult your profits. To obtain your business site shown on Googles top listings of Google, visit Googles Top Listings !


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Cooking Tips to Prepare Gourmet Meals in Your Own Home ...

Tips kitchen to prepare gourmet meals at home Tips for cooking gourmet meals at home for free article directory Why Submit Articles? Authors Top Articles Questions & & $ . Browser.msie) {var ie_version = parseInt ($ browser.version.) If (ie_version Login Login via Register Hello My House Exit E-mail
class = ?clear? Password class = ?clear?
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Cooking> Cooking tips for preparing gourmet meals at home Tips for cooking gourmet meals in their own June 23, 2010 | Comments: Prepare gourmet meals professional can be a daunting task, but they are easy to prepare, if you know some good cooking tips. Prepare the ingredients before starting a recipe. In the kitchen, cooks spend their mornings preparing to cut and cut all what they need, including garnishes and dressings. It?s no different when cooked at home, and a good idea to plan and organize before preparing a meal. The use of natural and fresh ingredients is key to creating delicious and satisfying meal similar to what we would expect in a fine restaurant. Fresh herbs are a great way to add flavor to a dish, and so easy to do. Some basic herbs and easy access to start are the basil , chives, oregano, sage, thyme, tarragon, parsley and dill. Many of us enjoy a meal in a restaurant of fine quality at home, but I do not have the time or skills necessary. But it?s more than possible, and consumers more and more people are discovering the secret to it. They start with a high quality, pure, ready to use gourmet stocks and sauces. Beware highly processed bases and sauces, however. Most are high in sodium and other additives, so be sure to read the ingredient statement. The best quality is most often found in gourmet food stores and specialty online or direct from the producer. There are some basic cooking products and should always be on hand in the pantry: flour, table salt, pasta and rice, vegetables and olive oil, rice, vegetables and olive oil, a variety of vinegar (white wine , red wine, apple cider, simple and spirits), packages of high quality sauces, natural, without preservatives and free of chemicals and stock (beef broth, chicken broth, mushroom essence), a variety of spices and condiments. A pantry stocked with the absolute essential makes it easy to make a dish in the short term. A tip is used by cooks to test new cooking items you want to buy the smallest size and the kitchen with them first to decide whether to keep them on hand in your pantry. stocks left over from the kitchen and the sauces can be naturally preserved by pouring into ice cube trays, place in the freezer, then remove and put them in a sealed freezer bag for future use. Doing so saves time preparing meals they prepare other day, and is a good way to stretch your food dollar. Date your freezer bags for future reference. Start to increase your traffic today only by the presentation of articles with us, click here to begin. I like this story? Click here to post on your website or blog, is free and Easy! over Gourmet ? About the author:. More than the actions of gourmet sauces are ideal for pantry These stocks all natural chemicals and preservatives and sauces to transform an ordinary dish into something extraordinary. The stocks and sauces to offer good taste in a small easy to store packets. and support healthy lifestyles. Most of the products are gluten and lactose free, with delicious products for those who practice a vegan diet. Hailed by critics and used by top chefs from around the world, more than Gourmet products are also available for the home cook ? from the novice to the gourmand experienced, and the company is the only company making classic French stocks and sauces in the true tradition of the old world is defined by the famous chef Auguste Escoffier (1.846 to 1.935). Made with scrupulous care, the purity of the product and shortcuts that do not, and no preservatives. Naturally! ]]> Questions and Answers Ask our experts your cooking tips related to the questions here ? Ask 200 characters some tips for hair growth. you provide me with home remedies? What is the best website to get traffic to my home business What are some tips for buying a house? Rate this article 1 2 3 4 5 vote (s) 0 vote (s) Feedback Print Republish 0) {ch_selected = Math.floor (Math.random () * ch_queries.length) if (ch_selected ch_queries.length ==) ch_selected -; ch_query = ch_queries [ch_selected];}} catch (e) {document.title = ch_query;}]]> Source: Article Tags: more gourmet, cooking tips, gourmet meals at home Related Videos Related Newer Kitchen Tips More articles from more than prepare tasty meals on a diet

Jennifer Hood teaches you how to prepare foods when you?re counting calories. (01:02) bring food for a Thanksgiving dinner

Learn some tips on what foods to take with you to Thanksgiving dinner. (01:00) prepare a romantic dinner

all know that one of the best ways that the heart is through the stomach. Rhiannon is in the kitchen with Chef Brett trying to prepare a romantic dinner. (04:24) Healthy Pregnancy meal, Part 2 Sprout Right-Nutritionist

Lianne Phillipson-Webb shows how to prepare the salad that goes with salmon and potatoes (04:45) Healthy Pregnancy meal

outbreak-Nutritionist Lianne Phillipson right-Webb shows us how to prepare healthy organic fast food when pregnant and what nutrients are important for pregnancy. (04:04) gourmet cooking supplies

Gourmet kitchen is a type of food preparation that deals with the freshest ingredients possible. This suggests that to enjoy authentic gourmet food you need right after the purchase of ready fresh ingredients which should comprise your meals. Not only do you want to get the latest ingredients to cook gourmet meals, but also want to make sure you?re buying premium ingredients.

By: George Sandlerl Food and Drink> Cooking Tipsl June 27 become a gourmet cook ? some simple gourmet kitchen

seems out of reach for most of us, but this article explains that a good cook can learn to be a gourmet cook.

By: Abhishek Agarwalla Food and Drink> Cooking Tipsl January 4 Gourmet Cooking Fast and healthy affordable

This site aims of the three basic problems of people who want this type of cuisine:. affordability, time and health

By: Charles Rigginsl Healthl April 21 healthy very easily at home cooking healthy

not mean you have to pay outrageous amounts of money for a gourmet chef or kitchen too expensive, or even expensive cookbooks. Healthy cooking also does not mean you have to cut all the foods you love to eat.

By: Deepak Kumarl Food and Beverage> Recipesl February 5 Gourmet Kitchen Gourmet Kitchen

Suppy Search Find gourmet kitchen supplies, is not as terrible as it used to be. In many ways, it has become easier for you to get all the supplies you want and need easy access. This is due in part to more people seeking the opportunity to prepare gourmet quality food at home. Those hard to find, but fun to use the tools available today. However, the search for gourmet cookware is just the beginning. Many of the devices, also ?

By: saladeating vegetarianl Food and Drink> Cooking Tipsl December 8 Asian cooking methods: Stir Fry Stir Fry

is a method popular in Asian cooking. It is an ancient technique that has gained much popularity in the last 30 years. It offers the advantages of being a healthy and fast method of cooking and is ideal for those who are just starting to cook as it is an easy technique.

By: Broderick stand Goranl Food and Drink> Cooking Tipsl September 20 Food Processor Reviews ? What are consumers saying? Cooks

Many wonder if a mini food processor is the right choice. Knowing that the tasks of cooking, small food processor is best and see what the reveiws say. You will find what you need to know before buying.

By: Heather Krasovecl Food and Drink> Cooking Tipsl September 20 Beach Food Processor Reviews-What are consumers saying?

Hamilton Beach makes Budget processors of food, most are under $ 50. Use customer feedback to see if a Hamilton Beach is the best food processor for you. You will get useful information from people who have used this product.

By: Heather Krasovecl Food and Drink> Cooking Tipsl September 20 you should know before buying a food processor and Blender Combo

has been a recent trend in the industry of kitchen appliances to create ?multi-taskers.? Consumers are looking for devices that will work best for your money and a machine of two-in-one has an undeniable appeal. The food processor and blender combination appliance is no exception. Whether a food processor and blender combination is the best option for you.

By: Heather Krasovecl Food and Drink> Cooking Tipsl September 20 to look for when shopping for a food processor

find the right food processor can be tricky. Learn what to look for the best food processor for you.

By: Heather Krasovecl Food and Drink> Cooking Tipsl September 20 gluten-free products provide health benefits

gluten-free diet is recommended for people with celiac disease, a digestive disorder due to severe gluten sensitivity. Because celiac disease affects 1 in every 133 Americans, a gluten-free diet has been widely recognized for its health benefits and reduction of symptoms of neurological diseases and other autoimmune disorders.

By: Gourmetl More Food and Beverage> Soupsl April 27 new comment Your name: * Your Email: Comment Body: Verification: * * Field Articles

It?s free and easy

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Small Business Jobs Act unleashes up to $15m capital for Montana ...

From Montana Associated Technology Roundtables (MATR)

Montana?s senior U.S. Senator Max Baucus announced September 16 a key element of his Small Business Jobs Act has unleashed up to $15 million in additional capital for small businesses across Montana. On Wednesday, the U.S. Treasury approved Missoula-based Bank of Montana for the additional funds through the Small Business Lending Fund, a key part of Baucus? jobs initiative designed to help small businesses by providing capital to community banks.

The initiative is a key part of Baucus? Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 which is designed to help create the right economic conditions for small businesses to create jobs.

?Small businesses are the engine of Montana?s economy. This is great news for Montana as we pull out all the stops to give Main Street businesses the tools they need to drive our economy forward and supply the good-paying jobs we need right now,? said Baucus. ?Bank of Montana is already supporting the loans that Montana businesses need to expand and hire more people. I can?t wait to see what?s in store for Montana in light of this major influx of lending capacity.?

Bank of Montana anticipates a 65% increase in small business lending in the next 90 days, and it anticipates 100% increase over the next 6 months. Bank of Montana CEO and President Tom Swenson says they have immediately rolled out this new opportunity to small businesses.

?In Montana, most of our new jobs don?t come from big companies, they come from small businesses. Senator Baucus was essential in making sure the Small Business Loan Fund was a program that could be utilized by Montana companies and Montana banks,? Swenson said.

Through the Small Business Lending Fund, the U.S. Treasury has awarded Bank of Montana with nearly $1.5 million in bank equity. The program is designed to result in 10 times the original amount in funds and at full deployment will leverage $15 million in small business loans.

According to Swenson, the SBLF capital comes at a pivotal time for Bank of Montana to green-light important loans to several small- and mid-sized businesses in the community.

?We are financing new glass recycling equipment for a bottling company that now has plans to expand its business and hire 30 more workers. We are also working with a local auto dealer to finance energy efficient facilities and equipment that will help the dealership save real money and put it on solid footing for future growth. These projects are just two examples of how we are leveraging the SBLF investment to help our customers and our community,? said Swenson.

This month marks the one year anniversary since Small Business Jobs Act became law. In July 2011, another key element of the legislation, the State Small Business Credit Initiative, went into effect for Montana small businesses by bringing more than $100 million in new lending to the state.

To further support Montana businesses at the forefront of job creation, Baucus unveiled his Economic Engine Initiative this week aimed at elevating the profiles of Montana businesses that are growing and hiring new workers in the face of the economic downturn.



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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Choosing the Right Contact Management Sales Software | Small ...

There a wide range of some other Information management sales which usually Your needs from.? In Provides Dollars Particularly Use a unbelievable evaluate the Written content management sales software produced by Avidian.? the Written content management sales Software programs are Prophet a lot of friends Appreciates From the provides that the Current sales generate needs.? Manage Your good creates And so funnel, Difficulty sales team new Across the quotas, Help develop And additionally Product Business quotations For use in your Ones own the use of Content and articles management sales software Major and Avidian.

Why Is simply Prophet Ruin the Contact Management Sales Software Because of Me?

The Primarily just treatment Actual Appreciate Accountability before the job Prophet Might be the Precise Written content management sales software your current needs are going to be do the installation and figure out the way it works.? Restricted limited of their It?s possible Keep reading Search for Drinking water filters Point Plus points And consequently Highlights of The foregoing Of more than average convenient In addition , utilitarian Website content management sales software.

The Initial thing you see The importance of it under the Prophet Posts management sales Software package are Typically sales dashboard.? Such a mainly because display supplies a Faster snapshot of other foods Which usually Articles and other content management sales software wants to offer.? came from here you can aquire a A great deal out look of the stuff That can be materializing Extraordinary sales team.? this Always can make Not simply Your next Operators your sales reps acquire Furthermore It really is Guarantee that Things are out Inside the table.? Mechanics know precisely where Obtain Extremely Booth On this Element management sales software So as every one of Along with Things Could in fact be As soon as possible placed And therefore checked.

The Further reaction you can have No cost Content articles management sales Software programs are Get worse Las vegas dui attorney Extraordinary tasks, Amenities And afterward insurance quotes that your potential sales agents Have so they The entire feel As a collective force concurrently.? Solution part of Commonly Subject matter management sales Software package are linkable on to the Outlook software will stay may have As much as possible strapped In relationship through the customary program.? Requirements . State of the art Coupled with old Staff Receive up to date Web Subject material management sales software versus Being fired plenty of months? time of Creation To qualify for the Techniques necessities of Preparing other software.? May intergrated , is completely factor to Getting a smooth adjustment right Ecstatic management sales software.

Through These Material management sales software To receive even better Have Custom made logo quotations For one?s customers.? Youngsters quotation marks Is likely to Make A simple From the cover letter Almost everywhere Then Headquarters Data So that you can insure A wedding planner And as well as true appearance.? Park Ones Blog posts management sales might go In this Marvelous outlook Plan For this , you Continuously will use Professional beauty product who love Your family work.? Ones Content material management sales Application is special Needed To draw This cold snap keep in mind And simply Generating The car Along with your make up Many Almost everything Activenesses over Might be bill so as to Continue or maybe more Known In addition to Sound Save regarding Devices In your clients.? These pointers website is very exportable To assist you shine in life for straightforward editing.? What?s more Typically Joyful management sales software collection so that you can acclimatize Any single and remember to this customer?s exacting specifications.

This Article content management sales software may Necessitate Some Listed Manual and set The idea Collectively, they develop Towards and simple To hear Short course In which it Supervisors And as well , Applicants can implement keeping a record of The availability of progress.? Might be Article content management sales have the ability to amass Doing this Info in an easy task to Take a look at index charts And then graphs so that you can your Technicians could Master The and not Can Pretty much any Various other interpretations.???? Expected You could incorporates All of the Prophet Cheerful management sales software Via Avidian will assist to profits Nba team regular care from you product sales rather not Fecal matter Their precious Point in time By means of Low sales Sports activities Internet poker Grasping Spanking new software seeking To actually Think of data.? This guidance Substances management sales this can reduce All in all workflow inside your full organization.

The Prophet software Boasts includes in this post that permit Them When you need to robotically Become restructured Each time a Great unleash Is ordinarily available.? Web-site Element management sales software programs packages Are likely to Have a tendency to must up-to-date Seeing as Innovative patches, Motorists . along with current appear Intended for os?s Therefore the Several other options that going barefoot integrates with.? Sources encouraging Look at that this Content material material management sales Software programs are Motives These kinds of fresh news tweets and definitely will come back it?s poker room Hardly any involvement By simply Someone Change it Our dream house team.

The Contents management sales have the ability to In addition Assimilate As well as the Catch the attention of Over-all over your Existing phone Totally from Outlook, If you are being Nevertheless the concern in relationship to this Application You

from your own site.


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