Sunday, 25 September 2011

Amenities ? Focus on Vanity Kit

When a tired, weary travelers at their hotel or Bed and Breakfast (B & B) is for the evening, are ready to relax. One of the first things to make the host is not "cool" and then one of the easiest ways for a hotel or B & B is a good first impression is to offer a wide range of quality hotels.

There is no doubt that a visitor shampoo to find conditioner, lotion and soap in the bathroom there, but in many hotels and B & expectedB, offer additional ancillary items upon arrival to make their guests feel more at home.

Provide guests with a set of Vanity is a great way to add value and reputation in the area and provides added comfort for the traveler with one hand, this certainly fallen. Vary the content of a vanity kit, but can be a nail care kit, cotton swabs, cotton wool and nail files are. This small additional objects are usually something that the traveler had not thought to bring, butonce gone missing from home.

Many hotels and B & B are very loyal to wear a kit brand of services, and since not all lines of a vanity, often choose not to provide one. But the use of a non-branded kit Vanity ? usually found in a bag or white box to each line of furniture and services.

However, if a Bed and Breakfast willing to change the lines of hotel services, following the institution of a kit of Vanity: feeding,ProTerra, ProTerra Marine, and Lord and Mayfair. Each of these lines offer the full range ? shampoo, conditioner, cream, shower gel, soap and a range of complementary products. One of these lines may be good for a B & B tries to make a switch so that they can offer several types of related products.


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