Friday, 30 December 2011

Chemjobber: Innnnnnnteresting: UCLA vice chancellor of legal ...

Via Jyllian Kemsley, a southern California public radio station interviews Kevin Reed, the vice chancellor of legal affairs for UCLA. He also interviewed Russ Phifer, a former head of ACS' Division of Health and Safety. I'm going to be transcribing most of the comments, but I thought I would make a note of a few of his comments quickly:
  • Placed a lot of emphasis on UCLA's lab inspections
  • He said that Sangji was experienced, a professional chemist and chosen from "hundreds of applicants" for her position.?
    • Editorial comment: Come on! You have GOT to be kidding me. If this is the line they're going to be using, they're in deep kimchee.?
  • He said that it was a terrible tragedy and an accident, not a crime (not a surprise)
  • Asserted that UCLA has become a nationwide leader in chemical safety since the accident
    • Also said that this was relevant to "justice"
  • He said that UCLA would be providing Professor Harran with counsel.?
  • He made no indication that they were interested in settling with the LA County DA.?


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