Saturday, 31 March 2012

What other antivirus programs can save your computer system?

Every computer which is connected to the internet is vulnerable to a lot of viruses, fraud and infiltration. This has pushed computer and online users to engage themselves in the software protection industry and with the development of trusted antivirus distributors, you now have access to legal, professional-quality antivirus software and other protective software, without any cost.

But, apart from downloading and installing a free antivirus downloads, you should also be reminded of simple precautions and actions that can enhance your computer system?s security.

1 - Software should be up-to-date

These days, almost every computer being sold is already equipped with a moderate level of protection, but, virus capabilities are also adjusting and adapting to the changing technology.

Therefore, it is imperative to keep your system up-to-date or else it will be useless. You should seek instructions on how to update Windows or set your system to automatically update. The same goes for the antivirus software. It should also be always be updated along with a full weekly scan of the system.

2 - Having identity online

Passwords are now not only used in social networking sites but are also used for online banking and other financial transactions. Therefore, it is mandatory to have complex passwords. Remember that it is not advisable to use the same password for different log-in sites no matter how complex or difficult it is. Also, frequently changing your password is necessary to prevent hackers from being able to access your profiles and accounts.

3 - Switch off your computer when not in use

Switching your computer off is not just a way to save energy but it also prevents others from using your computer without permission. However, if switching off the system is not possible, then it is necessary to disconnect or disable any possible connection that may allow your computer to connect to the internet.

4 - Do not click on unknown email attachments.

Email is one major source of web crimes. Take care when checking your email. Do not open any unknown email attachments as they can contain viruses. You should also remember to never click on random links. Although, the anti virus software will scan the incoming and outgoing mails, you should also deter yourself from clicking unknown links and attachments in mails as you never know when new versions of viruses have been made.

5 - Only use trusted websites for downloading software

You should not trust the third party for downloading the software. You should look for the company?s website and download it from there.

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