Saturday, 29 December 2012

3 New Years Eve-Worthy Updos For Short, Medium And Long Hair (VIDEO)

The countdown is on. You probably have an outfit ready for New Year's Eve, but what's your hair game plan for the big night? Updos seem an obvious choice, but not all styles work for every hair length.

Super-short hair can be a little tricky, but as we see in this video from Elle, it's quite simple to sleekly tuck it back without using a million bobby pins. Start by spraying in dry shampoo to create a little texture -- this will keep hair from slipping out. Then pull everything back into a low twist, but leave a little volume on top. Employ an extra-large hair pin, which will firmly anchor the style in place.

A soft, romantic option for mid-length hair is a faux bob. The key is making it subtly disheveled, which lends a understated sexiness to the style. Find chin-grazing layers around the crown of the head. Leaving those loose, pull the rest of the hair into a low ponytail. Use a bobby pin to tuck and effectively hide the ponytail underneath -- this creates the faux bob. Next, use a 1-inch curling iron to give the front pieces a bit of wave. Tousle hair all over to make sure there are loose strands all around, as well as ensuring the ponytail is still concealed.

For ladies with long hair, a classic chignon might be an evening standby, but swap in something a little unexpected with a deep-parted side braid. Begin by parting hair to one side, then securing a low-slung ponytail on the opposite side. Split the ponytail in two sections, then braid each one. Add a little glamour by wrapping a sparkly necklace into the two braids. Secure at the bottom. Finish the look by pulling loose layers from the front to cover the hair elastic.

Need NYE makeup ideas? Scroll through our gallery below.

  • The Classic Beauty: Keira Knightley

    For the girl who can't go anywhere without first applying her favorite red lipstick, take a cue from this actress and pair it with bold brows, thick eyelashes and subtle winged liner.

  • The Drama Queen: Ashley Greene

    Want all eyes on you ... and stuck on you? Try a shimmering, navy-purple eyeshadow and pink gloss look like Greene's.

  • The Sophisticate: Kerry Washington

    Washington's glamorous smokey eyes, golden cheeks and bordeaux lips make this an ideal dinner date look.

  • The Demure Darling: Diane Kruger

    This is for the ladies who would rather let their glowy skin do all the talking. A sliver of gray eyeshadow, few strokes of mascara and swipe of nude lip gloss seals the deal.

  • The Party Girl: Jessica Alba

    If you plan on bar hopping on New Year's Eve and want a fun look, Alba's bright orange lipstick is all you'll need.

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