Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Get more referrals by helping people understand your expertise ...

3 simple ideas to get more referrals without discussing price.

Do those you network with KNOW that you do the job properly, or do you just tell them?

I?m sure that you?re saying yes, we are very good at what we do. We always do a good job. Possibly you?re even asking why I ask such a daft question?

The most meaningless marketing statement EVER

Have you ever thought about some of the claims made in marketing statements?

?High quality?

?We will do your accounts properly?

?We are proactive accountants who save you tax??

Stop for a moment: Networking is marketing, and when networking claims are being made. Have you ever heard networkers in the room saying things like this? Next time you sit through the never ending round of 60 seconds, count how many statements like this get made.

Your problem is that every firm out there says this sort of thing.?Can you HONESTLY find me a firm that doesn?t say that they do a good job? The problem is that everybody makes this claim; so how are those you network with supposed to tell the difference? Are most people you network with equipped to tell the difference between a good and a bad accountant?

My visit to the Doctors

In ?how-my-doctors-visit-can-inspire-confidence-in-your-clients??I talked about my trips to the Doctor and the elements of his service which inspired trust (if want to learn about 3 simple things to inspire trust ? just click)

When I sat down in his surgery I was feeling more comfortable, then I saw a Sphygmomanometer on his desk. That?s right, proper old fashioned one, this made me relax and feel good! I?ve had my blood pressure taken by machines that seem to generate results that are all over the place. Every time I?ve ever had my blood pressure taken by a ?craftsman? with a ?proper Sphygmomanometer? it?s worked well. I now have a mental association between a proper Sphygmomanometer and good care (wrongly or rightly).

I?m sure I?m not the only one, there are things I associate with quality in many professions. How about you?

How can you assure your prospects that you do the job properly?

  1. What things are associated with quality in your profession? How do you use / display them? How do you get that message over when you?re networking? That will help increase referrals without you making claims that get ignored.
  2. Now concentrate on the way you develop rapport with those in the room. How do you build trust with them (you do know that people do NOT buy from people, don?t you? ?? click if not)
  3. Most importantly: You need to teach the people you network with what a really good job entails! The people you meet are very unlikely to have the skills to tell one statement about ?we?re best? from another. That means that you will not be believed! If they can?t differentiate on quality, their choice will be pot luck (or worse). When you?re networking, how can you teach people what is involved with a good lawyer/ accountant/ your profession. Know that they can tell the difference between good and bad, they?ll be able to refer you with more confidence. If you need more persuading on this, click to read ?Why you must ensure your prospects know real quality when they see it?

What says quality and care in your profession? How can you educate your networking contacts?

Written by Jon Baker The 5-50 Coach.?I help professionals grow their firms from 5 to 50 employees, sustainably, profitably and still have fun. Networking is a key part of getting great results in small firms. If you want great networking tips sent to your desk once a month, click here to order your copy.

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