Monday, 3 October 2011

How does cognitive behavior therapy?

Cognitive behavior therapy refers to a discipline that encompasses aspects of cognitive and behavioral therapy. Therapy may develop a variety of approaches and systems to do more or less the same: The challenge, as the patient (and thus distorted the debilitating behavior) and help them learn ways to deal with stress. Cognitive behavior therapy attempts beyond the mere training of the coping mechanism most hospitals, doctors gomore interested in helping patients overcome their fears, rather than to avoid precarious situations or Medicare patients.

What are some of the techniques commonly recommended for the CBT? The therapy involves gradual exposure to slowly and methodically exposing the patient to the known fears. Systematic desensitization is along the same lines, but often deals with more simulated situations and thought processes of the patient.

Other techniques will be used in CBT, the patient can keep a diaryof feelings and events in question to beliefs that are unreasonable, and experimenting with new mechanisms of defense, and new responses to stress. In addition to these techniques could include cognitive behavioral therapy with the patient maintain relaxation exercises and learn some techniques to deal with distractions.

This form of therapy has proved very effective in the treatment of certain personality disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder and socialAnxiety disorder. Some in the medical community have also suggested that there is much more effective drug treatment is long term. Cognitive behavior therapy is an effective treatment against most types of disease, not drugs or alcohol in the person provided no mood to unnatural levels. This also applies to other cases in which external factors play an important role.


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