Saturday, 22 October 2011

Microsoft Talks Portrait Mode For Windows 8

landyMost people right now think of Windows 8 as Microsoft's big tablet effort. But I wonder whether it will ever actually be installed on more tablets than traditional laptops and desktops. After all, it's not just Windows 7 Tablet Edition — it's the next version of Windows, period. But there's an wrinkle on tablet systems that has to be addressed that rarely, if ever, comes up on laptops: orientation. While very few people use their display in portrait mode, it's extremely common to do so on tablets. Many apps and webpages work better when displayed vertically. So far, so normal for a tablet interface, but it must be just a little demoralizing to be working on something that a majority of users will never once encounter. Still, it must be done and they seem to be doing it well.


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