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The Weekly Gamer: Gaming News 10.14.2011 |

Watch Some Sun-Baked Uncharted Action

The launch of Uncharted 3 (one of our most anticipated games!) is only about a month away. Those weeks may inch by for some of you, but to help tide you over, Naughty Dog was kind enough to upload some of the footage they showed off recently at a press event. The footage is nice, if not overly familiar. Drake finds cover, shoots lots of dudes, etc. That said, there are some nice little details the dedicated will likely notice, such as Drake stylishly nabbing a gun out of the air after knocking out a henchman, as well as some modifications to the hand-to-hand combat. has the scoop on Uncharted here.

Discover Part Of The Missing Link In Deus Ex

If you?re like us, you?re clamoring for more Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The game is easily one of the best of the year, so the fact that we?re already getting some quality downloadable content is pretty exciting. Set to release next week, the mission takes place during one of the blank spots of the game when hero Adam Jensen goes off the radar for three days. The developers over at Eidos have been kind enough to show off part of that mission, giving us a strong look at how this mysterious portion of the story plays out.

Via Machinima

Four Japanese Devs Team Up For One Game

Has there ever been a game where multiple game directors have teamed up for one project? If not, then Guild 01 could be a little slice of history in the making. Assembled by developer Level-5, it?s a Japanese game coming out for the Nintendo 3DS and it actually contains four separate games by four separate developers. This includes Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII director Yasumi Mitsuno, No More Heroes director Suda51 and Seaman creator Yoot Saito. The fourth is actually a Japanese stand-up comedian named Yoshiyuki Hirai. The four games all sound wildly different and like they?ll each contain the definite watermark of their respective creators who each have unique and often wild approaches to game design. There?s no word on whether or not this will arrive anywhere outside of Japan. Hit the link for more details on each of the games within the game.

Via Joystiq

Catwoman Content Requires Online Pass For Batman: Arkham City

Online passes are quickly becoming more and more commonplace in video games these days, although usually they are only required for players to access multiplayer content. The way it works is that the pass comes free with a new, sealed copy of a game. However, if the game is purchased used and the pass already activated, players will be required to purchase said pass to access said content. (Usually at a price of around $10.) However, the upcoming Batman: Arkham City (another most anticipated!) will be one of the first games to require players to have an online pass in order to access single player content. It was recently confirmed that in order to access the special Catwoman-centric portions of the game, players will either need a new copy of the game, or purchase a pass. We understand that this is a tactic for developers to help circumvent the dollars lost due to the ever-growing used game market, but it seems to be getting out of hand, making certain bits of content inaccessible. Let us know how you feel about online passes in the comments below.

Via Kotaku has the scoop on Batman: Arkham City here.

Nova, Phoenix Wright Join UMVC3 Cast

The roster for the upcoming Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (also one of our most anticipated!) keeps growing as two more characters are officially revealed for massive crossover fighting game. The latest additions are Marvel?s intergalactic guardian Nova and Capcom?s ace attorney Phoenix Wright. Wright in particular looks like one of the most unique fighters that Capcom has ever placed in one of their fighting games with a combat style that doesn?t resemble anything close to what most normal brawlers look like. He brings a heavy does of humor to the proceedings for a nice wacky touch.

Via Capcom Unity has the scoop on Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 here.


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