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4 Ways To Engage Your Kids Without Technology | Pregnancy Blog

Posted on 09. Apr, 2012 by Danielle Buffardi in Family

Gadgets, they seem so normal, right? Technology has begun replacing family bonding time, dinner time, and even family activities.

It?doesn?t?seem strange anymore to be spending time with your family and you?ll check your phone three times in an hour (or more) to see what?s going on with your email, social sites, etc.

The days when families spent genuine, quality time together seem to be getting less and less.

If you?re one of the moms who wants to leave the technology at home and get back to some good old-fashioned bonding and spending time with your kiddies, then here are four ways you can do just that regardless of your kids? ages.

Go Outside

Seriously, leave your iPhone inside and go sniff the fresh air outside.

Look at the flowers, climb a small tree, play soccer, play Whiffle Ball, blow bubbles, go find some rocks to paint, or tell your kiddies to hide while you count to ten. You don?t have to join the YMCA or other pricey facility to be able to give your kids some no-technology time. Your backyard (or a park) is free and ready for you to frolic in.

The one-on-one interaction that you will be giving your kids is not only something they need to grow successfully, but it?s also something they crave from their parents.

Don?t forget that it?s essentially how you grew up. When you were a kid, there were no laptops and iPads to hold your attention. You had to go outside and get on your bike or dig for worms to entertain yourself. And it was wonderful now that you think about it, right?

The same goes for your children now, they appreciate and need that outside fun time. But even more so, they adore when they have your undivided attention on an activity that you both can do together.

Become One With Your Inner Artist

Whether you can draw or not is irrelevant. What?s important is that you use your creativity to give birth to something uniquely yours.

You can choose to have fun modeling clay, painting an empty canvas, even simply drawing and coloring with some crayons is totally acceptable.

If you think your kids will enjoy it, you can also find some local art spots to paint some pottery, take art and sculpting lessons, even learn how to draw!

Or if you?d prefer to keep it nearly free, hunt online or at the library for kid craft project ideas, patterns, coloring pages, and other art-related activities. Chances are, you?ll have some materials lying around the house that can be used to create something wonderful.

Help Those Less Fortunate

Volunteering is a fantastic activity to do with your children. Not only will you be helping those in need, but your kids will get to experience first-hand how compassion and giving have the power to change and touch peoples? lives.

Do You Know The Muffin Man?

Get your cook on, mama!

Cooking and/or baking is a wonderful way to connect with your kids using zero technology.

Try new recipes, come up with your own, bake for your neighbor, cook for your friends, even bring dishes to Grammy?s house.

Cooking and baking has always been a relatively inexpensive activity to pursue with your family. Go on the hunt for old cookbooks or head over to the library to borrow some books to find new ideas.

You?ll be amazed at the designs and direction that your kiddies take their food in, give it a try.

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