Friday, 25 November 2011

Love Isn't Easy. (OOC && Sign-Up)

Love Isn't Easy.


In most high schools around the world, you'll always find cliques, right? It as at Washington High School in Ohio. The "Golden Rule" at Washington High was to stay in your clique, and only in your clique. It was breaking the rule when you were to talk to someone else who was not in your group, and it was definitely against the rule to date anybody outside of your clique. If you did these things and anyone in your group found out, you would be considered a total outcast in the school. In Washington High, there are four main cliques. You had the preps who ruled the school, the nerds who were on the lower level of the chain, but they had brains and they are so intelligent. Then there are the musicians, they love the arts. The musicians can sing, dance, act, play instruments, you name it. Finally, you had your "others". The others were different, they were themselves, so they belong in a group all their own. In senior year of high school, things start to change. The young adults in the cliques come to a realization that... it was just stupid. They knew, however, if they broke the Golden Rule, they would become loners, who were at the very bottom of the chain. Eight people, a male and female from each clique, are chosen for a vacation over spring break, everything being paid for by the school, a vacation to Rome. A very romantic place. Sunday night, these different people board a plane, heading to Rome, not knowing anyone else. But while on vacation, sparks fly... but with someone different... someone from another clique. What will happen when the vacation ends and they go back in two weeks?


1.) Please no god-modding. Play your own character.
2.) Use realistic images only, no anime.
3.) Use the character templete I have provided.
4.) Keep all your cussing to a bare minimum.
5.) This is a semi-literate to a literate role-play, so be able to post more then just a paragraph. I understand writers block sometimes, but at LEAST avoid one-liners!
6.) To start out with, play one character, but after a couple of days and no one joins, you may double as a remaining character.
7.) To prove you read the rules, put your character's name in any color.
8.) Have a great time!


Prep Girl;;Raleigh Maria Collins;;Aika
Prep Guy;;Noah Jo?l Nicholson;;Winds of Fate
Nerd Girl;;Jane Marie Sanders;;Reserved for thelittlethings?
Nerd Guy;;__________;;
Musician Girl;;_________;;Reserved for Sarcasm
Musician Guy;;Jeffery Daniel Schroeder;;Sehnsucht.
Other Girl;;Umbriel Beatrix Merlin;;Reserved for Sorella
Other Guy;;_________;;

Character Sheet

Code: Select all
[center][size=150]Full Name.[/size][/center]
[right][img]Realistic Image.[/img][/right]
[size=85][b]Nickname:[/b] [i]what you'll go by.[/i]
[b]Character:[/b] [i]you you'll be playing.[/i]
[b]Age:[/b] [i]17-19.[/i]
[b]Physical Appearance:[/b] [i]please describe with detail.[/i]
[b]Personality:[/b] [i]detail.[/i]
[b]Secret Crush:[/b] [i]leave blank for now.[/i]
[b]Extra:[/b] [i]other information.[/i]


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