Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fearless Assassins Multi Gaming Community - Call of Duty: Modern ...

Hello all,

We are recruiting new members for below PC Games:

1. Enemy Territory - Servers at US, Germany and France locations
2. COD4 - Servers at US, Germany and France (1.6 and 1.7 patch) locations.
3. Team Fortress 2 - Server at Germany location
4. Counter Strike: Source - Server at UK location
5. Battlefield 3 - Server at US location
6. COD: MW3 - Server at UK location
7. Minecraft - Server at Germany location
8. FIFA (EA) (PC, Xbox and PS3)
9. L4D2

You can find list of our all servers on our website: Fearless Assassins Multi Gaming Community

Everyone is more then welcome to use:
Fearless Assassins Forum
Fearless Assassins Tutorials
Fearless Assassins Gallery
Fearless Assassins Blogs
Fearless Assassins Downloads

If you would like to see more games, please let us know on our forums and if their is enough demand we would gladly add it.

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