Tuesday, 13 November 2012

100% How to Survive a Plague

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A raw history, often cluttered and sometimes repetitive but, when strategies fail along with immune systems, deeply affecting.

Presents a valuable template for how grassroots activism can temper societal prejudice and challenge governmental indifference in the face of a mysterious and remorseless killer.

[A] powerful, messy and tremendously moving documentary ...

"How to Survive a Plague" captures a saddening, maddening era that seems like far too many lifetimes ago.

It can feel inchoate, dropping the viewer in the middle of events without much context, and it exacts an emotional toll. But its raw quality also makes it compelling viewing.

Plague isn't the history of a disease so much as the history of a movement, and a portrait of those who refused to suffer passively.

A riveting look at LGBT protesters during the AIDS crisis - and an object lesson that if the revolution is going to be televised, it's good to have the revolutionaries holding the cameras.

This is a moving documentary, as hopeful as it is tragic.

A serious, moving and sometimes astonishingly well-organized documentary about the history of AIDS activism.

The title doesn't necessarily convey this, but "How to Survive a Plague" is an inspiring and hopeful documentary.

[An] unflinching look at the activists' mistakes and acheivements, their regrets, their very solemn pride at a victory attained at so high a cost.

Ultimately, the story presented by the former reporter for Boston's defunct Gay Community News is one of hope.

At once a fascinating history and a compelling call to action.

This amazingly well-done, admirably dry-eyed documentary about a true human victory over what was once a universal death sentence might well be the year's finest.

... compelling as a recent historical document, but also has contemporary resonance in its depiction of the influence of activism on social causes.

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