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Real Estate Companies Focus On the Greenest Side of Green ...

By Joe Salimando
Salimando is a Fairfax, Virginia-based writer and contributor?to?energysolutions.necanet.org,?eleblog.com, and?tedmag.com.
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An article posted to the website of National Real Estate Investor noted that 5 real estate companies were included in Newsweek magazine?s Green Rankings (total: 500 companies) for 2012 ? including Vornado Realty Trust at #87 and CBRE Group at #96.

In 2011, Vornado was #177; CBRE was #128. See the NREI article here.

Of course, companies that own a lot of buildings (as does Vornado) or operate/manage them for clients (which is CBRE?s business) would seem to be prime candidates for attention from electrical contractors.

But consider this spin on what?s really important, from the article:

?As a property owner, our focus on sustainability and energy efficiency is centered around lowering our operating expenses while improving our operating practices,? says Sukanya Paciorek, Vornado?s New York-based vice president, corporate sustainability.

?Since 2007, the company has successfully LEED-certified over 30 million sq. ft. of its portfolio and has implemented some of the most innovative energy and data management programs in the U.S.?

Paciorek cites examples including a 6.2-MW co-generation plant in New York and a 980-kW solar system in New Jersey as ?highlights of our forward-looking approach to technology and efficiency.?

LEED involves many criteria but, from what?s above, the ELECTRICAL aspects of projects seem to get a relatively stronger weighting. This can?t be bad for contractors hoping to help customers on a range of energy-efficient measures that help lower customer operating expenses.

Additionally, the article quoted David Pogue, sustainability director of CBRE Group. He was the keynote speaker at NECA?s 2012 Energy Forum.

Addendum: An article in the May issue of TED presented the perspective of Chris Studney, now VP for energy & sustainability for yet another real estate firm, Jones Lang LaSalle. The kicker: Studney spent the first 13 years of his career, up to April 2011, working for electrical distributors. He is, then, an electrical industry veteran ? who?s now sitting on the other side of the table.

To see the article, go here, find the May issue, and go to pages 24 & 25.

Source: http://energysolutions.necanet.org/2012/11/real-estate-companies-focus-on-the-greenest-side-of-green/

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