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The variety of wines, spirits, delicacies, and snacks at Forum Vini is truly amazing. Every year there is something new! Here?s what I found at Forum Vini 2012 to write home about.

First: we all know that certain foods go perfectly when paired with the right wine (or beer, or liquor). Well, at Winz Feines zum Wein they?ve simplified the selection process by explaining which snacks (?Knabberei? auf Deutsch) go best with which variety of wine. Great for those who, like me, haven?t yet memorized what mix of salty, sour, dry, sweet, etc goes with which wine.

[Winz Wein]

Next up is a second wine (besides the Grappa in the last post) that I just *had* to buy. Wayne Dutschke makes some tasty Australian wines, and was one of the few wine sellers who had traveled from outside Germany/Austria for Forum Vini (rather than just have a distributor do the selling).

I have to tell you: when I tasted Dutschke?s (average of) 22-year-old Tawny, I turned to my colleague and said ?Holy &#%$, this is amazing. I?m going to have to buy some.? Really, it was so good it blew my mind, and that?s coming from a spirits expert who is currently brewing his own Christmas Brown Ale. Tawny is basically a fortified aged wine, which if made in a certain region of Portugal would be called port. That makes Dutschke?s wine even more amazing, because it means the best port I?ve ever had is from Australia!


The spirits at Zeiss are always delicious, I?ve occasionally bought them as Christmas gifts. The bottles are at least as much fun to look at as the liquor is to drink!


These delicious French Bordeaux wines from Chateau Perayne are for my Aunt who loves butterflies:


And finally, let me close with something that?s not even related to wine. It?s BEER! Those who know me personally know that I am a beer guy. And not because I drink a lot of it; because I try every single various beer, of every style, from every country that I can get my hands on. For some reason I just remember great beers and brands, where with wines I usually don?t.

This is why I was really psyched to see Braufactum, a German craft brewery, represented at Forum Vini. These are Germans who are not prejudiced against beers outside the Rheinheitsgebot (Beer Purity Law). This no-longer-mandatory archaic convention is now just used as marketing to persuade the narrow-minded not to buy any beer that isn?t made in Germany because ?all non-German beers are filled with toxic chemicals and unnatural things? (yeah right ? what is toxic or unnatural about fruits, coffee, or chocolate?).

But Braufactum is one of the brands that is starting to slowly open Germany up to new flavors of beer! Here is their M?rzen bier; in the past this variety was traditionally brewed in March and then stored until Oktoberfest (if I got the story right). They sell various craft beers from all around the world (USA and Belgium among others), and brew several tasty beers of their own including a STRONG India Pale Ale that is delicious and super hoppy.


Overall it was the best Forum Vini yet, and I look forward to Forum Vini 2013 already!

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