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YouTube Secrets: How To Get More YouTube Traffic - Andrea Bolder

Posted on November 6, 2012

youtube trafficYouTube traffic is some of the best traffic you can get in front of your online business. Video marketing particularly on YouTube is one of my secret weapons and there is not a day that goes by that I am not generating leads from my YouTube traffic. YouTube is a hotspot for people looking for specific solutions and answers to their questions. YouTube videos have the potential to rank very high on the Google search engines and many of the keywords you can?t rank for on Google, are wide open on YouTube. So in today?s post I am going to share with you some of my?YouTube secrets that will you to get more?YouTube traffic immediately.

YouTube Secrets: How To Get More YouTube Traffic

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YouTube Secrets: How To Get More YouTube Traffic

1. Video File Optimization: Once you have shot and edited your?YouTube video, save the raw file after your exact keyword. For example if my video targets ?YouTube traffic? name your file as such: youtubetraffic.mp4 OR youtube-traffic.mp4

2. Title Stuffing: Title your video after your exact keyword and after one other related keywords, for example. ?How To Get More YouTube Traffic: YouTube Secrets Revealed?. Notice how the main keyword is at the beginning, and a similar low competition keyword is after the colon.

3. Description Optimization: Many times I will take the exact script from my video or insert a related blog post. If you are in a hurry, you can also do a Google search for your keyword and then swipe the descriptions from the top 10 results. You?ll find you?ll end up with a keyword rich description. Note: make sure to remove any links and non-relevant content. Don?t simply cut and paste, this is simply a shortcut when you are running short on time.

Also you need to include your lead capture page, blog or affiliate link at the very beginning. It is also good practice to use a url shortener like to hide your long affiliate url. Try to get Obviously replace yourexactmatchkeyword with your keyword.

4. Tag Ripping: To get your tags all you need to do is do a search for your keyword on YouTube. Then open the top videos and copy the url after the first = sign, take that to the YouTube keyword tool and under how do you want to generate keyword ideas click YouTube video id.

5. Captions & Annotations: After you upload your video you need to go back in and add an annotation with a keyword that is related to yours, so for example I would use? ?I am about to reveal exactly how to get more?YouTube traffic?.

6. Free Backlinks: One of the best ways to get free backlinks is to add a link of your?YouTube video at the bottom of your video description. All you do is copy and past the video url you just upload and add it at the bottom of your description.

7. Backlinks: The final step in getting your YouTube video ranked is to get tons of backlinks. It works the same as a blog post. I recommend using fiverr gigs, you can submit video to TubeMogul, TrafficGeyser or Pixelpipe.

You can also backlink from articles you have submitted to article directories. Try mass submission article tool Article Marketing Robot.

Also you should only use 1 YouTube account per niche and the more videos you add to each account the more authority your channel will have and the easier it will be to rank new videos.

The most important thing is to provide good quality info in your videos. People are looking for solutions. Give them what they want and they will make sure to come back for more.

YouTube is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get more blog traffic and to get found on Google. Not only does YouTube have millions of pages, but Google owns them. It is advantageous to Google to keep YouTube content at the top of their search engines. It?s just good business sense.

YouTube Secrets: How To Get More YouTube Traffic

If you are not maximizing your YouTube traffic, you will want to begin implementing a video marketing strategy immediately.? Not only will it help you create high PR backlinks to your blog and lead capture pages, it will give your brand and business more exposure than any other type of marketing on the Internet.


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