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On the Spot - The Holding Pattern Founder and CEO Nick Arnold ...

Thanks to Budah PR, we had the chance to get in touch with Nick Arnold, founder and CEO of The Holding Pattern (THP), an Australian-owned business that is paving a movement for independent and emerging artists to promote, license and sell music on a global scale and potentially get gigs.

SR. To those of us who do not know what The Holding Pattern (THP) is, how would you best describe it?

NA. The Holding Pattern (THP) is a free, independent music platform owned by musicians and run by musicians. THP has been created to provide much needed exposure for all independent and undiscovered artists through an innovative and engaging marketplace. It?s not just for fans and artists to explore and use, but for creatives sourcing music for public broadcast as well.

We want to provide a unique user experience for all fans to explore, search and discover independent music. We want to expose the sheer wealth and size of independent music and to showcase how amazing it is with revolutionary 3D visual search engines like ?The Visualiser?, which is a 3D visual search designed to educate the user of the many genres of music and the artists within them.

We?re bringing together, for the first time, both creative users and artists in an innovative marketplace where the artist decides what price to sell their music for, whilst introducing an automatic license for creatives and production companies looking to source music from an amazing library of independent music for public broadcast (Film, TV, Documentaries, Radio, TV commercials etc).

SR. How did you come up with the name?

Na. I love flying and the concept of being in a holding pattern when you enter a cities airspace. Only when your aircraft is ready does traffic control allow you to land safely. Same concept for independent artists, we provide a platform for artists to gain exposure through fans exploring new music and also a marketplace for creatives sourcing music for public broadcast,. So a selection process is created, but streamlining this so fans and creative users have access to music they may not have heard before. We don?t help artists land though?more take off!

SR. You?ve been in the music industry for over 15 years now, what made you decide to create THP?

Na. I?ve been signed to major publishing house in LA and played in many bands and still do. I?ve scored music for film, TV, and theatre as a composer and I know what a musician wants and I also know what a creative needs. The music industry is rapidly changing. The independent and undiscovered needs a musical platform that is engaging and educational for fans, transparent and autonomous for artists to use, and provide speed and quality for creative?s to access music and above all, provide innovative tools that provide exposure for independent artists. This what The Holding Pattern provides and this is what inspired me to create this platform.

It?s about creating a free independent movement! Allowing artists, creatives and the everyday fan of music a unique experience that they trust and enjoy, and where they can interact. Bringing people together, making them feel a part of a unified experience, and continuing to expand onto bigger and better things together. Creating a platform that uses music as a currency to communicate, not just an end transaction. Being able to bring exposure to the sheer size and wealth of amazing independent music is what excites me and what I believe to be relatively untapped?.

SR. You?ve put a lot of hard work and research into developing and designing this platform, are you amazed at the response you?ve received so far in both the music industry and from the public?

NA. We have over 10,000 artists and over 25,000 tracks and counting; in about a month we will have over 120,000 tracks! Every minute there are new artists uploading, of which many are up and coming independent artists heard all over radio as well as many established artists signed through MGM. We also have Ditto Music from the UK uploading their wealth of independent artists and others to follow. So the support has been great, but there is still a long way to go?..and we need as much help as we can get to sustain and compete in such a cut throat industry, and to keep independent music alive and well!
We only listen to about 10% of the music that is out there, and I want to showcase the remaining 90%. Do you know how amazing that would be?! Picking a genre of music that you like and discovering an endless run of genius music ? it?s very exciting!

SR. With MGM and Ditto Music on board, how has this benefited THP?

NA. Its helped with supplying the user and music fans with a great selection of music to search, listen and purchase. But the real challenge is getting the artists who aren?t signed to any distribution deals and getting them up on THP. That?s the genius I want to expose, and discover?that is where we can truly find out deep and diverse music really is. So sign up ALL you artists out there, get behind us!

SR. What are the advantages that THP can provide to assist artists that no other company can?

NA. Right now we can provide artists a free platform along side there peers to use, where they can decide the price to sell their music for, and be involved in a creative marketplace where production companies can source music for public broadcast. We are a truly independent music platform that helps independent artists gain as much exposure as possible. By providing an engaging site for fans to use, listen, and purchase music, either through our innovative search engines like our Visualiser, our mobile site, our partners The AU Review which provide our music write ups and reviews of THP artists, daily links from Facebook and Twitter to track pages of artists, plus our our Blog page

SR. Who can upload their music?

NA. Absolutely anyone?.it?s free and designed this way to be non-biased and support independent and undiscovered creativity!

SR. Have you had many success stories from artists who signed up with THP?

NA. We have had many artists join us and love the ease of uploading their music, and the freedom to choose the price of their tracks for both personal, and commercial use. At the moment we are building, and we want to provide a great selection for fans and creatives that use THP for personal or commercial use. The success stories right now are based around the indie artists I speak to that reassure me that what THP is doing for the independent community is needed. Individual success stories will come in time?with amount of tracks uploading from amazing artists everyday?its just a matter of time. No doubt!

SR. What advice can you give to either upcoming artists or people thinking of a career within the music industry?

NA. Work hard, be persistent, stubborn and possess a key ingredient. Tenacity! You?ve got to believe and love what you do, and above all have fun. If your not having in whatever your doing, stop doing it.

SR. Are there any plans to expand the site even more to what it is?

Na. Absolutely!?What you see right now is only the very beginning of THP, and we are still in BETA mode.
We are currently tendering out to the right investor/s at the moment who share the same vision as we do, and can see the massive opportunity within the independent community. I believe with the right partnership we can bring all aspects of independent creativity together under the same platform, interacting with each other on all aspects of music and creation, where a user can be a fly on the wall looking in, or choose to collaborate and be part of the process. It?s a very exciting time for us, but more importantly for the independent community.

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